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Thursday, September 17, 2015

One of Those Days by Joy Gagliano

From my Friend Joy, who lives in the country and enjoys contemplation

Today, the sun is out, forest and gardens freshened and damp.
A rare, late heat snap gripped our area for the last week or so.
So, last nights steady rainfall and fifteen degree drop in temperature were gifts bestowed from the nature gods. Greedily accepted.
I sit on the porch, enjoying the air, color and sunshine. As I soak in the day, I realize it it the first  day. Weather wise, of the start of fall. A semi sweet realization.
Harvest has begun, farmers, gardeners and chipmunks are gathering the summers fruits.
The smells in the air are earthy and full, leaves, some, giving up their green for gold and brown..
Others falling to decorate the mosses.
It is like early evening in the scope of the year of seasons.
On a good day, looking back  on our hours,  to see the fruits we have gathered is rewarding. Comforting.
We shall sleep well.
Yet, in the early evening, we know night is coming. The end of a glorious day, and at times, hard to leave such  a satiating day, but we have no choice, no control..which, for me, is oddly comforting.
Hoping the morrow will give us the same.. Yet knowing, the march is toward the dark night.
And must be gone thru to wake to the mornings.
I love sitting on my porch.
  ~~ Joy


And here's another porch, in another season--the one that's coming. 
Take a moment to appreciate these golden September mornings!   ~~ Juliet