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Old women talk about old things: history, myth, magic and their
checkered pasts, about what changes and what does not.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Crone Voyage

Entering Cronehood feels like going on a journey; destination unknown, route unspecified. I don't know what to pack, or what suitcase to bring. Does anyone have the official map?

There have been a dozen full years of changes since my Croning Celebration when I turned 50. My Goddess circle, The Laughing Yonis, celebrated with a party filled to the brim with chocolate, laughter, wine and wisdom. I have been trying ever since to grow into the Wise Woman role they envisioned and personified so well.

Today, preparing for a trip to Kelowna I found myself in Sears, equipped with list and measuring tape, comparing sizes, weights, and handle lengths. A fellow shopper, also a woman-of-age was there on a similar quest and we entered into a brief but satisfying friendship of information sharing and wry laughter about our diminished mobility.

On my brighter days I know the wisdom I am seeking is not found in knowing the answers but in asking the thoughtful questions, and taking delight in shared laughter. The more I can remember these simple truths, the closer I become to being a wise woman crone and not the nasty witch of Menopause Hell. Now where did I put that list?


  1. and where'd you put that Witch of Menopause Hell? I think I'd like to send my uterus out for a drink with her sometime!

  2. oo-la-la an inebriated uterus! now thar's a vision!!! just imagine all the trouble that one could get into ...