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Friday, November 30, 2012

Crone Transformations

1.   trans·form/transˈfôrm/       …….Shape Shifting
Make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of.
The product of a transformation.
verb.  change - convert - alter - metamorphose - transmute
noun.  transformation - metamorphosis - conversion


This month I have had the ambition of a slug, a lowly caterpillar
The perceptions of an earthworm stuck in dark mud
I yearn for the freedom to walk outside, upright in the sunshine
I crave the wide sky, bright light and wild wind.
This morning I turn my mind to believing in better days ahead
I reach within to find the dreams, the sacred inspiration
The key to transformations:

Transformations take many forms, some rather prosaic, others wrapped in wonder and mystery. Commonplace: the sight of ice cubes melting into puddles, the flood of light as the lamp is turned on at twilight. These changes occur in plain view, one form visibly becoming another. Other transformations are hidden from sight, alchemy that can be perceived as magical. From a fertilized, incubated egg hatches a fluffy baby bird. From the dark earth in spring, planted seeds emerge as vibrant growing plants.
Earthworms, lowest of the low in hierarchies around the world, are nevertheless seemingly capable of regenerating lost segments of their simple tubular bodies.  This appears to be common knowledge inspiring generations of young experimenters to dissect wriggling victims. More mature scientists have published their findings that it is theoretically possible to grow complete worms from partial segments depending on certain variables such as variety and extent of damage to the body. Earthworms perform many actions that insure the survival of mother earth's fertility.
In 1881 Charles Darwin wrote: It may be doubted whether there are as many other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world, as have theses lowly organized creatures.
Caterpillars, visually only one small step higher than the earthworm, are an essential stage of the life cycle of butterflies: egg, larva (caterpillar), pupa and adult. Butterflies inspire hope and belief in positive, miraculous change in the darkest, coldest winter. Their grace and colourful beauty have enchanted and inspired people from earliest times. In ancient Greece the word for "butterfly" was the same as for "soul" or "mind".
Butterfly symbolism brings to mind the importance of welcoming changes, allowing outgrown beliefs, and negative perceptions to fade away making space for new patterns that bring hope and inspiration.
Transformation, transition, shape-shifting, endings that facilitate new beginnings…. Are these not the domain of the Crone? While seeking a new way of being in the world how can Crone-within guide me?

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  1. Good thoughts which I will re-read again and again. And, as usual, a lovely piece of art to go with it! Thanks, NJ.