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Old women talk about old things: history, myth, magic and their
checkered pasts, about what changes and what does not.

Friday, February 22, 2013


The "wheel" is the ancient wheel of the year. Seems a good time for this poem, as we've just entered Pisces, which is the last, and, in a way, the culmination and sum of all other Zodiac signs.
Resurrection, Transformation,
You belong to the fish who swims
To the sun on rising water.
Ah, we have dreams then—
Fluorescent, Neptunian,
Despairs of night that
Wither the heart,

Resignation and the slow
Erosion of the spine,
Ecstasy, like the touch of
a longed-for lover.
Yes, we will die for our sins,
Slither forth again exhausted
From the tunnel of pain into
Azaleas of light and
The cries of our mother,
The throbbing night journey
Over, skin electric
With disconnection
And the first breath
Of a fish
Out of water.
~~Juliet Waldron


  1. Oh thou goddess, Juliet, singing up Spring with the faeries!

  2. Truly words that speak to springtime and rebirth. Or first birth. Thanks Juliet.