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Old women talk about old things: history, myth, magic and their
checkered pasts, about what changes and what does not.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Crone Cross- Purposes

On certain summer days
Yearning for cool green freedom
I visit Meander River
Slowly opening to water wisdom
I bring simple songs of gratitude
Often I am given a gift in exchange
Today it is a puzzle quiet and contrary
Narrow path crossing my wide path
On the river side, a steep bank
On the field side, low thick brambles
Some of my friends would say "Faeries"
Others, more pragmatic would say "Muskrats"
Contrary cross-purposes are also in the water
Currents crossing wind ripples
Within are gnawing of difficulties, distractions of losses
One side goes one way while the other goes the opposite
What is the lesson? Where is the gift within?
Noticing anxiety, I bring my attention back to present moment…
 Breathe, breathe … Sink into calm centre. Sink singing
Here and now all is well
Is simply this what I am to learn?

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  1. Lovely! And profound, too--those little moments of reflection which illuminate our lives. :)