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Friday, January 31, 2014

Crone Sap Rising

As January turns into February we are invited to turn our thoughts to the Gaelic festival of Imbolc / Brigid's Day / Candle mas. Halfway between Winter solstice and the spring equinox it's a time to remember that deep below the snows and frost of winter there are stirrings of irrepressible energies.
We can notice the days getting longer, and the sun when it shines has a warmer touch. In the farmlands the sheep are beginning to birth their lambs and the rich milk is flowing… hence the term Imbolc for festival for lactating sheep. This marks the beginning of the Maiden segment of the Maiden- Mother- Crone times as the Earth prepares for renewal and transformation…

Outside in the dark night
There's a fierce north wind blowing

I turn tighter into the brittle nest, my protective cocoon
Nevertheless there are stirrings in the great ground around me
Fresh Life-force is slowly seeping upwards
Insistent as the sweet sap of the maple trees
Will they ever lose their hope for new beginnings?
I crave glowing colours; deep flowing mysterious purple
Intense bursts of golden yellow, incandescent turquoise
These winter-tired bones dream of cracking open, releasing luscious green
These ears have heard enough of frigid silence
I am turning slowly clockwise
Tuning into spring vibrations deep down under sodden snow
Calling for great metamorphosis … Nature renewing life once more
I turn again … persistent

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  1. Lovely! And a fine salute to the Imbolc Lady of Light, who returns to us now. Thanks, NJ!