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Monday, September 16, 2013

Mrs. Owl Is Not The Only One With This Problem

We women of a certain age, often have these conversations with Significant Others:    
~~~~Upon arising from bed this a.m. (I had been up for hours), my husband treated me to this  conversation which, in its own way, is pretty funny.
        Him:    Why are you up so early?  (As he staggers towards the bathroom)
        Me:      The cat tried to eat my head.  Why are YOU up?
        Him:    (stopping in mid wobble)  Because I have to pee.
        Me:    Why didn’t you just go in my bathroom (which is right off the bedroom, and requires no more than about 3 steps)?
        Him:    I just like to do things differently every day.  (as he continues his stagger)
        Me:    (Sotto voce)  You’re weird.
        Him:    What? (from behind closed bathroom door)
        Me:    Nothing.
        Him:    You said I’m weird.
        Me:    (triple forte)  Why can you hear that and not hear anything I scream at you????
        Him:    What?
                                                *        *        *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Contributed by Anonymous, who, as we all know only too well, was a woman.

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  1. hilarious! Love your blog, lots of fabulous posts to read. If you wold like to visit me back I'm at, blessings, alison xx