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Saturday, September 21, 2013

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

On June 23rd of 2013, what has now come to be known as a Supermoon shed a path of light across the ocean to Rehoboth Beach. I stood in the warm sand and gazed at the largeness and brightness of the full moon in perigee – its closest distance from the Earth for the year. Groups of people lined the beach, and the majority of the people faced the moon. The murmur of voices reminded me of the happy sounds at a fireworks show. Many people knew it was a Supermoon, I heard them telling each other on their way out to the shoreline. Many didn’t know what it meant, but it was a cultural phenomenon that evening. And I loved it. The softer light reflected from our superstar had drawn the people into Her spotlight for that moment. 
This is how the Moon has started to speak to me. She is a force for good in our universe. Some would say she is as powerful as the Sun. She provides motion and stability to the Earth. Her tides may have helped life to begin.
The activities of mankind are still marked by the Moon’s months and aspects. Many religions, including Christianity, rely on the timing of the moon for festivals and Holy days. And this attention to her presence in our lives is growing. 
Perhaps it is the result of our concern for Earth’s ecology that is making us more sensitive to the elemental forces in our lives. Maybe our trips there have turned the Moon into another distant country. Or the speed and intensity of a modern, digital world have awakened a longing for more tranquil and soothing moments in our lives. An increased awareness of our need for the Divine Feminine is turning us to Luna – the Goddess of the skies. Whatever the reason, I see this new focus as a desire to be nurtured – this willingness to smile at the Moon.
When I went home that evening, I opened all the blinds and bathed by moonlight. I slept in her silver rays all night. I wanted to soak up that soft brilliance and follow Her dreams into eternity, to live by the light of the Moon. I wanted to hear the stories of her beneficence, and let the Moon Goddess sing for me that night.

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  1. Fabulous, LJ! Yes, She shines and she sings to us. Maybe a few more are beginning to hear Her voice, enough to, perhaps, draw humankind back from the brink of destruction.